Product Overview

Our Founder, Enrique C. Feldman has created both iBG® and co-created Sam the Ant® Both are making an impact in both the world of children and adults, in both the educational and corporate markets.

Our signature iBG®            Musical brain games which engage body, brain and mind.

Brain Based Learning

These original, innovative and physically active games have been used by over 100,000 children and families, and the hunger for neuroplasticity continues to grow.

Our Children's Book Series raises the bar for what a children's book series can be.


The Art of Perspective

More than a series of children's books, these stories are each a chapter in one epic story which is bilingual and significant for building young minds that can problem solve and create.

Book 3 of the Sam the Ant® Book Series.

Adversity as Ally

The series is scaffold from PreK - Middle School, and highlights diverse thinking as a strength, and embracing adversity as an opportunity to grow.