What would the world look like if:

All learners were engaged?
We inspired others to inspire themselves?
We asked better questions?

The Global Learning Foundation, formerly the F.A.M.E. Foundation, was founded in February of 2000 and has served over 120,000 children, families, and teachers.  Research-Based and organic in nature, the GLF is a leader in professional development, artist development and early childhood education. The GLF uses its original approach, the Context Method®, to first connect with the learner, guide them through the experience and then reflect on what was learned and how it was learned. The GLF has an interest in focusing the lens of learning on the intrinsic qualities of the learner, at any age, and discovering what byproducts exist.  Known for it's ongoing partnerships, we have created paradigm shifts in how learning takes place and searching for what prompts a learner to be engaged... when the learner eagerly anticipates what is about to happen next.